Monday, January 10, 2011

On, In and Around Mondays: From my kitchen today

Our now-quiet kitchen, our more-than-an-apartment, the outer arrondissements of Paris.
Feels like the suburbs but isn't.
Orange feature wall paired with permanent paper party lanterns.
Feels like fiesta all year round.
Often echoes with the raucous of our friend family.
Feels like an open door policy in action.
Couch folds out to get to know so many folk as they sleep and dream.
Feels like a youth hostel or half-way house.
Table that welcomes more chairs than it was designed for.
Feels like always room for one more.
Smell of a hot meal cooking and hearing the wine cork pop.
Feels like family dinner night where we taste and see that.
Fruitbowl of oranges and evidence of oh-so-much tea drunk.
Feels like heavy feet soldiering on through their headcolds this week.
English and Frenglish and Spanish and French.
Feels like everyday communication for us.
Artistic touches speaks loud for the one no longer resident.
Feels like someone missing from us, for now.
Cosy on the couch all comfortable with hugs on the hard days.
Feels like home. And it is.

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  1. I like the orange feature wall and the fruit bowl of oranges. And the tea, definitely the tea. :)

    (Was it you who asked about the button? I think you lost some of the code. Maybe an /a in diamond brackets somewhere :)