Monday, January 17, 2011

Counting anew: Multitudes on a Monday

Thankful this week for...

1. The list anew in this new year.

2. Friend-family that insist on dancing when I don't feel like it.

3. A chapter a day of Proverbs in January - I've done this several times before but keep discovering "new" verses that I don't remember reading before!

4. Self-expression through the creative.

5. House-guest who brings flowers and chocolate cake on arrival.

6. A new room-mate who may just sleep as heavily as I do.

7. Walking arm-in-arm to the bus-stop with a recently acquired friend.

8. Invisible mending skills - another way to serve the friend-family.

9. People that I miss - even though they're not here with me right now, I'm so glad I know them and will get to see them again (hopefully soon!).

10. Our understanding landlords.

11. Flatmate whose one comment helped me see the positive after a terrible job interview.

12. The heating coming back on.

13. Emails from my Dad - phonetically written just the way his accent sounds.

14. Shared accommodation where no cleaning roster is required. (Young women who look after their belongings, look out for those of others AND clean up after themselves.)

15. Safe delivery of friend's twin boys!

16. Friends who live near but stay over so often they keep toothbrushes here.

17. Getting along better with my only biological sister.

18. Pyjama-clad on the sofa-bed in front of the TV.

19. Jostling for mirror-space in the bathroom now that we are 4 chez nous - and glad it is these 3 with whom I get to jostle.

20. Realising that home-sickness is just heart-sickness and that sickness can be healed.

21. Blue skies in winter.

22. Necessities bought cheaply in the yearly sales.

23. A Saturday spent quietly - separate but still together in the house.

24. New books to read (& the upcoming Spring booksale - I'm already saving my pennies for this one!).

25. Not having to schlep my laundry to a laundromat because we have a washing-machine in our house.

26. Friends there with you after a tumble down the stairs - ice-packs and cups of tea in liberal supply.

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  1. Gratitude makes such a difference in our lives. Great list!